Facebook Live Sudoku Q&A from December 2017

When trying to learn about Sudoku, some Sudoku YouTubers can make matters increasingly convoluted and complex. But have no fear, Sudoku Professor is here!

With the Sudoku Professor’s Facebook Live Q&A, you can discover tried-and-true proven methods placed in their proper context. Instinctive techniques are the Sudoku Professor’s wheelhouse. In breaking down advanced techniques in layman’s terms, Facebook followers regularly progress to solving harder puzzles – sometimes immediately!

Here’s a recap of the Facebook Live sessions from December of last year:

The Sudoku Professor’s first video, which went live in Dec. 2017, breaks down tips on how users can find puzzles outside of traditional sources such as daily newspapers. The professor talks about Workman Publishing’s ‘Original Sudoku’ series, which mirrors the handcrafted stumpers of the Japanese counterparts. The Professor also covers information about some general Sudoku related topics.

The second video provides a live walkthrough of a Sudoku puzzle solution. The Sudoku Professor meticulously combs through under-the-radar solutions to common Sudoku blind spots and walks viewers through using proper technique the entire way. “It was a nice way to get your brain warmed up into harder puzzles,” a Facebook follower commented.

In the third video, The Sudoku Professor treads the techniques to progress onto ‘the insanely hard’ puzzles. The concepts discussed in the video will help novice and advanced players alike. Gordian rectangles and symmetrical images were discussed in the comments by some of The Professors students. Along the way, the Sudoku Professor dives into the fray. He posts confessional notes, divulges secrets, and reads his fans’ questions to carefully come up with tested solutions.

In the last Facebook video from December, The Professor touched upon how to complete ‘difficult puzzles’ without leaving many pencil marks. Viewers learn how to eliminate this frustrating practice that clutters your blank sudoku grids and half completed puzzles.

The videos have proven popular since posting. A second rung of devotees have converged on the page almost exclusively through word-of-mouth. Feel free to leave your own comments and thoughts on the video so that the Professor can address those during the next Facebook Live sessions.

Unlike some in the Sudoku community, nothing about the Sudoku Professor Facebook page reeks of being too insidery or uninviting. On the contrary, the page is welcoming and a great place to find answers related to your most pressing questions about solving Sudoku.

It’s clear that the purpose is building community and helping people through Sudoku hang-ups in real time. “It shouldn’t be about guessing. It’s logic. I want you to enjoy it,” The Professor told his followers during a recent live Q&A.

At a future date (to be announced via the Facebook page), the Sudoku Professor plans for live screensharing sessions, which will allow other members of the community to post challenging puzzles and receive feedback in real-time. Until then please visit the Facebook page and be sure to “like” The Sudoku Professor so that you can stay up to date on all of the live videos!

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Chad Barker, Your Sudoku Professor

Chad has been teaching people how to play Sudoku since 2008. The Professor specializes in breaking down complex logic into simple and easy to understand methods that help you solve more sudoku, faster, with fewer mistakes.