How to Play Sudoku


With my videos, you will learn how to play Sudoku.  You’ll greatly improve your Sudoku solving skills.  No more frustration!  Sudoku can help your memory and improve your cognitive abilities by practicing logic.

  • Simple and easy to understand video lessons
  • No complex terminology
  • Easy to put to use right away solving Sudoku puzzles
  • Powerful techniques
  • Learn the one technique that everyone teaches, but you should never use
  • Accelerate your solving by limiting the amount of data you put on the board
  • Learn simple pencil marking that gives you amazing results
  • Discover the “Two Hidden Truths of Sudoku”
  • Practice with the exercise puzzles and review lessons
  • Learn how to use partial information to solve
  • Learn how to solve puzzles that give you very little information to start with
  • … and much more!

By signing up you’ll get 7 free lessons that will teach you how to do Sudoku.  So stop beating your head against a wall, and sign up today!