Club Membership Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Club Membership

When you purchase, check out or submit the order form for any Club Membership product (a.k.a., “Sudoku Professor’s Club”, “The Professor’s Club”, “Sudoku Professor’s Insider’s Club”, “Insider’s Club”, “Club All-Access” or just “Club”), you agree to the following:

The Club is a subscription based service available with all features available on-line.  You must have an internet connection to take advantage of the Club features.

The subscription terms offered for the Club and the frequency of renewal are:

  • Monthly:  Renews each month on or about the same day of the month as you originally purchased
  • Quarterly:  Renews every 3 months on or about the same day of the month as you originally purchased.
  • Annually:  Renews once a year on or about the anniversary date of your original purchase.
  • 3-year:  Does not renew automatically.

Current and Future Payments

For Dollar Trial Membership

  • Your method of payment will be charged $1 now.
  • At the end of the stated trial period, unless you cancel prior:
    • You will automatically be charged the stated annual rate.
    • Your membership will continue as an Annual membership from that date forward.

For Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Memberships

  • Your method of payment will be charged the stated membership fee now, and it will be charged the same amount each month, quarter, or year, respectively, until you cancel.
  • We will send notice by email prior to any future attempt to charge your method of payment.
  • We will attempt to notify you if your method of payment expires prior to the renewal date.
  • To prevent failed future payments, you may update your card information in the “Profile / Customer Center” area in the Membership site.
  • If a future charge attempt fails,
    • Your access to the Club will be suspended until we are successful charging your method of payment.
    • We will make 3 additional attempts to charge your method of payment over the following 3 weeks.
  • Your are guaranteed the same price as quoted on the checkout page for all future charges.  However, if your membership lapses for any reason, your renewal rate will be at the then-current rate.

For the One-Time Payment for 3-Years

  • Your Club membership will continue uninterrupted for the next 3 years (subject to cancellation/refund as described below).
  • Your Club access will automatically terminate at the end of that 3-year period.
  • At the end of the 3-year period, you may choose to continue to access the Club area by renewing at the then-current rate.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • You may cancel at any time.  Simply send us an email with the request (or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page).
  • If you cancel during the initial money back guarantee period, your membership fee will be refunded.  However, if you received any free course or other material as a bonus or incentive to join, your access to that course or material will be terminated as well.
  • If you cancel after the initial money back guarantee period, you will NOT receive a refund, but you will continue to have access to the Club until your membership expires at the end of your renewal period (month, quarter, year, or 3-years).  (To be clear, your membership will no longer renew automatically.)
  • For Dollar-Trial memberships:
    • If you cancel prior to the end of the trial period, unless otherwise stated, your $1 will not be refunded.
    • Access to the Club and other Courses will terminate at the end of your trial period.
  • You must give us at least five days’ notice prior to renewal if you want to prevent the next charge.
    • If you wait too long to notify us, we may not be able to stop the charge from occurring.
    • However, if we are unable to stop the charge, we will issue a full refund of the charge as soon as possible.

Course Access with Club All-Access

  • Definitions:
    • “Courses” refers to any of our Sudoku training courses:  Mistake Eliminator, Essentials, Bachelors,  Master’s Prep, Masters, and Doctorate.
    • “Purchased Courses” are any Courses you have purchased separately, i.e., you bought them independently of, and prior to, your purchase of the Club All-Access membership.
    • “Included Courses” are any courses you gain access to as a result of purchasing the Club All-Access membership.
  • You have “lifetime” access to all Purchased Courses regardless of the status of your Club All-Access membership.
  • If you cancel your Club All-Access membership or it fails to renew, then access your Included Courses will cease when you Club membership ceases.  Access to your Purchased Courses will continue uninterrupted.

Login Access

  • You are purchasing access to the Club within our Membership site for your household only.
  • You may not share access with anyone outside your household.  We have in place methods to determine whether login information is being shared.  If sharing is discovered, you will be warned.  If sharing continues after the warning, your access will be terminated and you will not be given a refund.
  • If you do not already have access to the Membership site, after you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access it.
  • You must use reasonable care to protect your login information.  For example, if you are accessing the site with a computer or tablet that is not your own (such as a public computer), then you need to make sure you explicitly log out when you are done.

Website Availability

  • We make every effort to maintain continual access to the website and all Club services.
  • Our current uptime is over 99.9%
  • However, interruptions can happen; therefore we do not guarantee 24/7/365 access.
  • Website access can be interrupted for many reason, including but not limited to:
    • Software and server maintenance and upgrades, which are necessary for the continual running, improvement and security of the site.
    • Failure of your personal internet access.
    • Failure of internet access at any point between your computer and our servers.
  • If access was interrupted for an extended period of time (> 1 day) because of a problem with our servers or software, we will be glad to extend your Club membership by the number of days lost.  Just send us a request by email, and we’ll be happy to take care of it.

Delivery and Email Notifications

  • All Club content is delivered online through the Membership site.
  • Unless otherwise explicitly stated, nothing is delivered in any other way (for example, we do not mail out monthly CDs or DVDs).
  • You must have an internet connection of reasonable speed to enjoy the benefits, most of which will be video based.  We are not responsible for any internet connection or overage charges you may incur.
  • You will be required to log into the membership site to take advantage of these benefits.
  • You will receive periodic emails notifying you of new content added to the Club or upcoming Club events, such as webinars.
  • If you unsubscribe yourself from the emails
    • You will no longer receive any notifications (even though your Club access will continue).
    • You will have to log into the Membership area regularly to check for new content.

Release of Your Name, etc.

  • The Club is largely made up of contributions from it’s members.  You are a member.
  • When you contribute to the Club, whether in the membership site or on Facebook, other members will be able to see your name.
  • If you upload a picture of yourself, other members will be able to view that picture.
  • If you submit a question or comment to the Club, whether by email to the Professor, anywhere in the membership site or on Facebook , that question or comment may be used in a video or webinar.
    • Unless explicitly requested by you, the question or comment will be attributed to you using your name and general location (i.e., city, state, province and/or country).
    • No additional information, such as email address, street address, or phone number will ever be revealed.
  • Other members will NOT have access to your email address or any other personally identifying information unless you reveal it.  We recommend that you do not reveal that information.
  • By posting, commenting or contributing in any way, you agree to release to us your name, your general location, and picture (if provided) to use in perpetuity.   We do not have the ability to honor any “forget me” requests or other requests to delete personal information that is recorded in video or written in documents of any kind.