The 4 Stages Of Sudoku… (Part 1 of 5)

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There are 4 stages when you first begin to play Sudoku… why should you care?

Because knowing where you are and where you need to be is the first step to really getting to the next level.

In future issues, I’ll share with you what things to do at each stage so you can quickly and easily reach the stage that follows.

For today though, I’ll share with you the stages, what they mean and what to look for to know where you’re at.

Stage #1: Sudoku Ecstasy

This stage is when you first get exposed to the game, the puzzle and the flat-out fun we all know as Sudoku

It’s the wow, I didn’t this game was so addictive stage.

It’s in this stage that you fall in love with the game and the logic, and the challenge, and…

It’s also the stage where you want to begin to learn, but… at this stage chances are you have no idea what to do.

In fact, in this stage you don’t even know
what you don’t know!

How do you know if you’re at this stage? Well, out of all of them, this one’s the easiest to identify. If you’ve never played Sudoku before, and are starting to learn, enjoy, and having fun with it, you are definitely at this stage.

In a few weeks I’ll give you tips and powerful how-to’s to get yourself past this stage extremely fast.

Stage #2: Sudoku Is The Most Annoying Game Ever!!

OK, in this stage you’re waaaay passed the not knowing what you don’t know stage. In fact, you’re way into the I know EXACTLY what I don’t know stage.

And what you don’t know at this point is how to beat most puzzles you play!!! And it’s frustrating!!!

This is without question the hardest stage to be in. It’s awkward, and it’s at this stage, that you are most self-conscience of every step you take. You literally second-guess almost every move you make.

This is also the stage where most new players stop. Chances are that everyone who has ever passed this stage probably considered quitting…

How can you tell you’re at this stage? Well, if you’re grumpy after a puzzle or if you’re constantly second-guessing every move you make, or if you simply feel like you’re not making any progress, chances are you’re in stage 2.

Stage 2 is usually for beginner’s but, there’s a lot of people playing for a long time that are still at this stage.

Again in few weeks I’ll discuss how to pass this stage, how to deal with it, and tips to get out of here as quickly as humanly possible.

Stage #3: Here I Am

In this stage you’ve already gone through the ups and downs of Stage #2 and it’s precisely here where many, many good players stay.

This is the stage when you know what you’re doing. You know it, and you’re going to make sure everyone around you knows it.

This stage is pretty cool because it allows you to discover a lot of things about yourself and chances are that it’s at this point when you’re truly enjoying your time playing Sudoku…


This is also the hardest stage to get out of (you’ll soon see why). This stage is particularly dangerous because it gives most players a false sense of greatness.

It’s in this stage that you know you’re good, and you’re playing and beating games at a level you never thought possible.

The sad thing about that is that even though at this stage you’re most likely very good, but… there are still many logic techniques and strategies you’re missing. And most likely, you won’t be able to beat the truly tough puzzles.

The main drawback to being here is that because you already know what you’re doing it may take a while before you realize… there’s a lot more to learn.

How do you know if you’re at this stage?

Basically you know because you’re at a very good technical level of the game. You understand the timing, the logic, and the patterns.

You know what to do and when to do it.

Although it sounds good, this really isn’t the ultimate stage.

In couple of weeks you’ll discover, in this newsletter, how to handle Stage 3 and really become a Sudoku Player everyone admires and envies… all at the same time.

Stage 4: Mastery

This stage I call the Mastery stage.

This is where you gain something that most players simply don’t reach. Being at this stage is the difference between being good, and being extraordinary.

If you look at two players who are both technically good, but one is at Stage 4, you’ll know they’re a better player and chances are you won’t know why.

A Stage 3 player and a Stage 4 player may know the exact same moves, but the Stage 4 player will always blow her (or him) away.

How do you know if you’re at Stage 4? Well, you do and you don’t. More on that in very, very soon.

I’ll see you in a couple of weeks where we’ll begin to really explore these 4 stages of Sudoku Playing.

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