Bachelor's Bonuses x3

  • Sophomore Level:  Pattern Solving Deep Dive
  • Junior Level:  Double Overlapping Pairs Training
  • Senior Level:  Doubles Dead-End Solution Training.

All Bonuses Automatically Added to Your Membership Area in the Bachelor's Course

The perfect companion to the Bachelor's Lessons.  All delivered on-line.

  • Bonus #1:  Pattern Solving Deep Dive takes the pattern solving techniques you learn in the Sophomore lessons to the next level with more patterns, deeper understanding and faster solutions.


  • Bonus #2:  Junior level Double Overlapping Pairs training shows you a new technique that enables you to find hidden double-doubles and get unstuck.


  • Bonus #3:  Senior level Doubles Dead-End Solution shows you a lightning fast solution to a common pattern in hard puzzles that would otherwise be considered a dead-end.