The 4 Stages Of Sudoku… (Part 2 of 5)

2 weeks ago I wrote about the 4 Stages of Sudoku. If you didn’t read that article, just click here to read it now…

In case you don’t remember the 4 Stages, here they are again:

  • Stage #1: Sudoku Ecstasy

  • Stage #2: Sudoku Is The Most Annoying Game Ever!!

  • Stage #3: Here I Am

  • Stage #4: Mastery

Now, every issue I’ll go over each stage, how to know if you’re in that stage and how to get to the next level quick, and easy.

OK, today we’ll go over:

Stage #1: Sudoku Ecstasy

This stage is very easy to identify… it’s at this point that you’ve somehow come in contact with Sudoku.

Whether it’s the logic, or the challenge, all you know is that you’re hooked.

It’s at this point where you begin to really enjoy the game of Sudoku. It’s also at this point that you decide you wanna start playing even more..

So… you may start buying puzzle books, going online to find tutorials and tips, you’ll even start telling your friends and family about the game and get them to start playing!

The major problem with this stage is that you don’t even know what you don’t know. At this stage you don’t have the slightest idea as to what it’s going to take for you to get to the next level.

But, that’s OK because… you’re in love

It’s like love at first sight with someone you meet. You get butterflies when you hear their name, you feel good when you’re around them and you just can’t wait to see them again.

Haven’t you noticed that when you first meet someone you like… there’s NOTHING wrong with them? I mean, they can do no wrong in your eyes.

And if you really like them, chances are you’re willing to ignore certain little things that may be HUGE RED FLAGS.

Eventually though… reality sets in…

Just like in a new relationship, with Sudoku you’ve got to (GASP) work at it… it doesn’t just happen by magic.

When you realize that it’s not all magical and that it’ll take a certain amount of work… you’re getting ready to enter Stage #2 which I call: Sudoku Is The Most Annoying Game Ever!, but… more on that later…

The best way to deal with this stage is to simply enjoy it because chances are your love affair is about to be put to the test.

And it’s also at this point that I would have to let you in on a secret that’s very, very controversial.

This stage is the absolute best time to learn:

As Many DIFFERENT Solving Techniques As You Can…

Most would probably tell you that I’m crazy… but consider this:

When’s the best time to learn anything academic (like a new language or mathematics), athletic (like golf, baseball or basketball), or artistic (like playing the piano or painting)?

Everyone knows that the younger you begin the better off you’ll be with almost anything you put your mind to.

And the reason is simple:

When you’re young there’s not a lot of things you have to UN-learn… you haven’t picked up bad habits or negative ways of thinking.

The same goes for Sudoku. When you’re learning it for the first time you don’t have any bad habits to break, you’re not set in your ways yet.

For this reason, this stage is the best to learn as much as you can.

Why should you learn as many solving techniques as possible?

Because knowing how to solve a puzzle with different techniques will always put you at an advantage over everybody else.

You’ll be able to solve better, faster and with less hassle than most people.

You’ll also be able to mix things up so that you don’t get bored with the easier puzzles or stuck on the harder ones.

That’s why it’s better to learn more than one style.

Yes… it will be a bit confusing at first (only for a little while though), but… the payoff is huge.

There are many Sudoku players that later on in their solving wanted to learn a new techniques, but found it very hard because they were already set in their ways.

Remember, this is the stage of ecstasy… the stage where you love everything about Sudoku, so take advantage of it and learn as much as you possibly can.

Now that we’ve got that outta the way…

Next week I’ll go over with you:

Stage #2: Sudoku Is The Most Annoying Game Ever!

This is the stage where most new Sudoku players will quit. I’ll go over tips to make this period go by a lot quicker than you think.

Stay tuned for it…

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Hi Chad, Your presentation is second to none. 100% tops. A great help to anyone how once to learn the basic of Sudoku. — Karl, Australia

Thanks for checking in. I am thoroughly enjoying your lessons. My skill level is increasing and now all I need is: Practice, practice, practice! You are a wonderful teacher:)) — Patricia Cosgrove

Your video approach to teaching Sudoku via videos is fantastic! I enlarge the view, put in my special earplugs for increasing my hearing ability and go through the entire lesson. I repeat the lesson, this time following with the lesson download and find that the immediate repetition enables me to follow along much easier and without pauses. I am enjoying the lessons very much and thank you for developing such a fun teaching technique. — Bill Halopoff

Thanks, Chad, this is great! Yes, I'll be happy to spread the word. — Connie

Videos are excellent...Totally addicted! — Brenda Freedland Pangborn

Yes, I am enjoying your videos very much. I have been going over them the second time starting from the first one in and doing so I am realizing that I missed important details. I like the way the information is organized and I even wish I had learned some of those thoughts processes during my school years. Good job! — Alba Peart

You are definitely delivering what you promised, and we highly recommend membership to those people who see soduko puzzles in the newspapers and think to themselves "You've got to be kidding me! These things aren't doable!" — Peter and Fran

Your lessons have made Sudoku fun and I would never have kept with it, if not for your clear, relaxed teaching style. Thanks so much. — Victor Miller

I am very impressed with how easy you make learning Suduko. Having never played this game prior to receiving your first lesson, I am feeling like I am getting it. Each lesson has helped me even more. I will highly recommend your services to anyone who asks. — Jim Warner, Texas

I am really enjoying your videos, progressing nicely. I'm not rushing them, still on Sophemore but WOW they have changed my whole way of tackling a puzzle. Not to say I don't make any mistakes, sometimes i have to erase a couple of blocks and start again but i make sure i finish them without peeking at the answers or just giving up the way i used to. Thank you again for your concern, you are a great teacher!! If I may call you that. — Charles Sherwood

They are helping me to solve the puzzles better than in the past! — Richard Murdock

I think they are "wonderful"... Each one I review has taught me something. Thank you ! — Mary B.

I'm finding the various techniques very helpful...Thanks for offering these instructive videos. — Calvin Harris